Creating an Inventors Fair 4-to-6 minute Video Presentation

Preparation (Refer to Judging Rubrics)

  • Create an outline or script of the key points of your presentation
    • Consider Cue Cards if helpful
    • Optional questions asked by a person offscreen
  • Select a location to film your video and test various angles to show you and your invention in best light with no distractions
  • Practice and test record your delivery for volume, clarity, conciseness and length 
  • Work on your confidence to show you are very knowledgeable about your invention
    • Use ‘tricks’ like making believe you are talking to family or friends
    • Remember to be enthusiastic. This is YOUR invention!

At the beginning of the video, please introduce yourself, your grade level and name of invention(Do not mention your school or teacher in your introduction. If your teacher is given credit in your logbook, this is permitted.)   

Tell Your Story:  (Identifying, Ideating, Final idea, Understanding) 

  • What problem are you trying to solve? 
  • What result are you trying to achieve? 
  • How did you come up with this idea? 

    Explain any STEM research performed that led you to a solution or validate a hypothesis.

Brief summary of your concept/idea and how it works. 

Researching your idea: ( Uniqueness, Originality, Intellectual Property Protection
Sources, Types of Protection, Infringement) 

  • Did you find your idea already exists? 
  • Did you innovative and improve upon the original idea to make it better?
  • Is it totally new and unique?  An invention with IMPACT worthy of protecting?


Did you encounter any problems with the initial design of your invention? Explain how you improved upon your original design.  Do you believe it could be further improved upon?

Designing & Building: Concept development from start to finish. Testing & Refining  

Provide proof of all your work, progress, and failures! Did you have help from anyone? 
Create a Log Book to record all research, work performed, dates, and any one providing assistance. 

Demonstrate your invention or describe how your idea works to the best of your ability. 

Describe the IMPACT of your idea? Who will benefit the most? Is it helping the greater good? 
Effectiveness, Meeting or beating expectations; Social Value, Benefits on quality of life and the economy; Market Potential, Capacity to fulfill & maintain need or demand. 

Are you considering what your Entrepreneurial possibilities are? 

During your presentation refer to your Physical and/or Virtual Display Board 

Making Your Video

Have fun! Enjoy sharing your discovery and creativity through your Video! 

Be studious, speak clearly, and be proud! 

  • If you believe your invention has value and you wish to protect it from being developed without your permission (infringement), think carefully about protecting your Intellectual Property. An alternative is to expose enough to get your idea across but not reveal key information that others may use without your knowledge.
  • Consider practicing with a timer. 
    • The Invention Process
    • The invention Impact
    • Review of the display board. (Can you do this while discussing the Process and the Impact?
    • Demonstration of your model or prototype. (Can you use your time more efficiently by demonstrating this while you talk about designing, building, testing and refining your invention?)
    • Divide your presentation into segments. Figure out how much time to talk about:
    • Decide what is most important to share. Practice your delivery with the timer so you are comfortable with the information and do not feel rushed. 
    •  Talk in a loud, clear, voice!! You are the expert on this invention.
    • It is normal to be a little nervous. Pretend you are telling a story to your best friend. And . . . you can always start over!! 
  • When you are ready to film your presentation prepare your smart phone
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