Event: AMC Day Presentation – Mathemagic And The Path To Your College Dream  

Presenters: Prof. Yusnier Viera (Guinness World Record Holder)
Description: Please join us with the inaugural AMC lecture by Prof. Yusnier Viera who is known as the Cuban American mental calculator. He is also known as “The Human Calendar” for his Guinness world record on calendar dates. Prof Viera will give an insight into Mathemagic and the path to your college dream.  The lecture is intended for middle school students, teachers, and parents, but all are welcome. A FREE Virtual event open to public.
Date & Time: Saturday, January 22nd at 1 pm (Through Zoom)
Format: Virtual (Zoom)
Pre-Registration Pagehttps://www.fgcu.edu/cas/departments/math/mathletes/amc#Prof-Viera-tag

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