Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Thomas A. Edison Regional Science and Inventors Fairs program will be facilitating virtual science and inventors fairs to begin the 2020-2021 school year. To participate in school-based inventors fairs, STUDENTS will need to complete/submit the following project items:


                              Activity/Project “Items”


  • COMPLETE the Invention Proposal Form  including your problem list, final problem selected, and invention idea


Inventor’s Logbook (Grades K-3) Download Inventor’s Logbook (Grades 4-12)

Google Drive Inventor’s Logbook (Grades 4-12)


Your Invention Proposal Form MUST be approved by your teacher before you begin working on your invention! Any physical, chemical or biological hazardous materials must be avoided.


Parents or guardians must agree to provide for supervision when any tools or instruments that could pose a physical risk are being used.


  • Name the file:    StudentFirstInitial StudentLastName SchoolName FY21 InvFair
  • EXAMPLE:      H Ford  EdisonParkES FY21 Logbook


  • AFTER completing your invention (BEFORE Judging), COMPLETE your Digital Project Display

CHOOSE ONE of the following Digital Project Display Templates:

Digital Project Display (TABLE) Digital Project Display (FLOOR)
  • Name the file:    StudentFirstInitial StudentLastName SchoolName FY21 ProjectDisplay
  • EXAMPLE:      H Ford EdisonParkES FY21 ProjectDisplay
  • AFTER Experimentation (BEFORE Judging), CREATE a 4-6 minute Video Summary of your project
  • Please note: Video must be recorded in real-time (“one take”) & remain unedited. MP4 preferred.
  • If your display is a real artifact and not digital, please upload a close photo of it, and include close up shots of each component in your unedited video submission. 
  • Please include your prototype in your video submission, as well as an uploaded photo. 
  • Name the file:    StudentFirstInitial StudentLastName SchoolName FY21 Video
  • EXAMPLE:      H Ford EdisonParkES FY21 Video
  • SUBMIT your Research Plan, Digital Project Display & Video Summary to your School’s Science Fair Google Classroom (ASSIGNMENT: GET READY for judging!)
  • SUBMIT your completed Inventor’s Logbook, Digital Project Display & Video for judging

Reminder: For Team Projects, the Team Leader should upload project forms to Google Classroom

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