The 2023 Thomas A. Edison Festival of Light Regional Inventors Fair presented by SONY Electronics will repeat as a Virtual Competition. As the Florida Gulf Coast ICW affiliate competing in the Henry Ford ‘National’ Invention Convention Worldwide, the Regional Inventors Fair represents all of Southwest Florida. Interest from Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry, and Lee counties may now participate through the TAERSIF gateway.

Twenty-five 2022 finalists received 14 awards! Four advanced to Globals. One team placed second in the 8th-11th grade division.

For clarity, zFair.com is home to three TAERSIF events (Inventors; Science; Expo). Be sure to select Thomas A. Edison Regional Inventors Fair if you are redirected by the above link to the general list of zFairs competitions.

Virtual Judging Process:

VIRTUAL ENTRIES: Each participant will have a Student Folder containing links to a video presentation, summary/abstractlogbookdisplay board, and model or prototype.

Judging will take place 

  1. Round One (February 18th to 23rd)
  2. Round Two (Feb. 25th) if required due to very close scores
  • from the comfort of your home or office,
  • on a more convenient timeline to fit your schedule,
  • over a period of several days:
  • require access to the internet with the capability to play videos

There are potential variables affecting the judging process:

  • If Round One judging scores are too close to call a winner, Round Two judging will be required and limited to the highest scoring group of participants within two points of each other.
  • unpredictable online connection challenges

Pre-Event Virtual Judging Video will be shared with all registered judges.


SELECTING YOUR JUDGING ROLE on the Registration Form


Round One (First Level) Judge (February 18 to 23) 

This is the largest group of judges. Judges who have experienced this before are familiar to being assigned to a group of 3 judges ideally represented by both genders.

The VIRTUAL judging process will require each judge to view 10 to 15 projects independently. Average time is 12 minutes for overall review and scoring of an entry. Fill out the score sheet after each project is reviewed. For the most equitable results, a minimum of five (5) judges will score any and all entries. You are welcome judge any project but you may not be able to complete a score sheet if already judged five times.

Review to include: (No direct interaction with students)
• Judging from home or office to fit your schedule over a several day period.
• 4-6 minute video presentation to include invention model or prototype.
• Summary/Abstract of the Invention
• Log Book (digital and/or scanned) including all development and research in detail
• A digital display board or photo of a physical display, and photos or illustrations of the prototype.


Round Two (Second Level) Judge (February 25)

This group has an area of expertise or is very familiar with the invention process. (If you understand First to File vs First to Invent filing for a patent, you qualify.)

  • This designation allows for Round One as well.
  • Once the highest scoring projects are determined, a second judging maybe required to select 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorable mention winners of certain grade levels.
  • Live ZOOM 10 to15 minute interviews if necessary wouldbe arranged with students on Saturday February, 19th. If so, students will present once to multiple judges.
  • By selecting Round Two Judging, you are committing to selection of the finalists; to those who may receive specific special awards; and to the students who maybe representing our program at the 2022 Henry Ford National Invention Convention.


Special Award Donors (February 18th through the 25th )

These judges are welcome to the select student recipient(s) of their award(s). Special Awards Donors are welcome to serve as Round One and Round Two Judges in addition to fulfilling the primary role of a Donor.

Please select each type of judging you wish to participate in. Additional instructions will be provided.

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