Fair Week

Project Check-In Day/Time

Friday, January 19, 2018, (Timing TBD) Final Regional SRC for Science Fair Finalists
Friday, January 19, 2018, (Timing TBD) Project Check-In for Regional Inventors Fair Finalists
Friday, January 19, 2018, (Timing TBD) Project Check-In for Regional Science Fair Finalists
Friday, January 19, 2018, (Timing TBD) Display & Safety for Regional Science Fair Finalists

** Timing is approximation. Participants will be notified as soon as FGCU Staff confirm.

Location and Drop Off Logistics

Alico Arena, Florida Gulf Coast University

While all visitor parking on campus is FREE, parking may be at a premium immediately outside Alico Arena.
Please review FGCU Parking Policies and Maps.

Students and projects may be dropped off at Alico Arena; however, vehicles may NOT dwell in front of Alico Arena – please utilize surrounding parking lots. Make arrangements to contact students (by cell phone) if they need to be picked up at the same sidewalk location. Teachers who wish to assist students will need to find a nearby public parking lot, and meet students at the Registration Desk inside.

What to Bring: Science Fair

  • Your Project Board and Research Notebook
  • One Set of Copies of your Required Project Forms, including:
  • Your Abstract (download template for Abstract from Forms page)
    • Bring multiple copies of your abstract for judges to read
    • One (1) copy of the Abstract MUST be displayed vertically with your project
What else to bring (Science Fair ONLY)

Was your project done at a Registered Research Institution? If YES, Form 1C should be displayed vertically.

Does your research involve human participants, vertebrate animals, PHBAs, and/or DEA-controlled substances? If YES, you may need a completed Form 2.

Does your research involve hazardous chemicals, activities, or devices, and/or microorganisms? If YES, bring a completed Form 3.

Does your project involve human subjects? If YES, bring a sample Form 4 that has been redacted and Verification of Informed Consent Form.

Does your project involve vertebrate animals? If YES, bring Form 5 and SSEF of Florida Mortality Report.

Does your project involve Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents (PHBAs)? If YES, bring a completed Form 6A.

Does your project involve using any human or vertebrate animal tissue? If YES, bring a completed Form 6B.

Is your project a continuation from last year? If YES, bring a completed Form 7.

What NOT to bring (Science Fair ONLY)

Prohibited items are NOT displayed (see page 24 and 25 of Intel ISEF rules) such as: Living organisms, soil, sand, rock, waste, taxidermy specimens or parts, preserved animals, human or animal food, human/animal parts or body fluids, plant materials, all chemicals including water, empty chemical containers, hazardous substances or devices dry ice, sharp items including, flames or highly flammable materials, batteries with open-top cells, glass, large vacuum tubes, empty tanks that previously contained combustible liquids, awards, acknowledgements, recognitions, embellishments, advertisements, logos (including school logo).

What to Bring: Inventors Fair

  • Your Project Board and Inventors Log Book
  • As needed, a Model or Prototypes of your invention fit the allotted table space
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