Information for Non-judging Volunteers at Regional Science & Inventors Fairs


The TAERSIF Steering Committee, in the interest of avoiding the cancellation of the 2021 Science and Inventors Fairs, will conduct Virtual Competitions. The safety of all participants essential to a successful program is on all our minds.


The Virtual Regional Competition has many moving parts and how volunteers may be asked to assist is still in the planning phases. Your interest and patience is sincerely appreciated. Please check back in early January for the February competition period.


If you are associated with individual schools, check if volunteers are needed for school fairs. Virtual school competitions will be determined by each school’s science and inventors program supervisors.


The information that follows pertains to “On Site” competition and will not be a factor for February 2021.


The success of our Thomas A. Edison Regional Science and Inventors Fairs (TAERSIF) program depends on our volunteers.  It takes hundreds of volunteers to put on this event and we are grateful for everyone that can help.


If you are interested in volunteering at Regional Science and Inventors Fairs, please complete the VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORM (see below).  Upon registering, we will ask for your availability during the THREE DAYS of Science and Inventors Fairs: Check-In Day, Judging Day, Fair Awards Programs.


Generally speaking, there are TWO TYPES OF VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: ‘Brain’ and ‘Brawn’. Below is an overview of Non-judging Volunteer jobs.


If you have problems with the registration site, please click HERE to contact the appropriate fair personnel. If you can include the page you were on, the browser you are using and a copy of an error message, we will be able to fix the problems sooner.


Thank you for supporting the Thomas A. Edison Regional Science & Inventors Fairs (TAERSIF)




“Brain” Jobs Description Date
Registration Table Greet students and teachers; distribute registration information; direct students to exhibit area. Answer questions. Jan 
Inventors Fair
Display & Safety
Assist students with checking in and setting up their project displays. Jan 
Science Fair
Display & Safety
Review science fair project displays for compliance with display and safety rules.
Note: Detailed instructions provided
General Help Assist in lobby and the exhibit areas as needed. Jan 
Judge Assistant Assist judges; distribute information; turn-in judges score cards Jan 




“Brawn” Jobs Description Date
Fair Setup Set up exhibit halls; hang signs; distribute fair materials to each project display. Jan
Food Drive Assistance with greeting participants and collecting food donations at the Food Drive location. Jan
General Help Assistance on the exhibit floor and in the main lobby. Be available to do whatever is needed. Jan 
Security Be a security presence during fair judging (outside exhibit area) OR during public viewing (inside exhibit hall) Jan 
Fair Clean Up Pack up fair equipment; remove signs; etc. Jan 
Awards Program Layout awards for presentation; hang signs; usher; greet invited guests, sponsors, etc. Jan 




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