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Online Project Status

When Regional Finalists have submitted their projects to the Thomas Alva Edison Kiwanis RSEF, it is then their responsibility to track their project’s status on our web site. Use the “Project Status” button above to find your project and the assigned Project Number. Project status should be listed on the web site within one (1) week after the Regional SRC Paperwork Review. If you cannot find a project within one (1) week after Regional SRC Paperwork Review date, please contact the Regional Fair Director.

Once entered, your project will be listed as Application received.

After review for quality standards and to determine if safety issues need to be addressed, your project status will change to one of the following:

Application accepted – everything is fine. Welcome to Regionals!

Project Failed to Qualify – only given for major safety hazards or rules violations that cannot be corrected.

Application incomplete – see your teacher. An e-mail note will have been sent to the teacher with the specific project number in the email subject line and a message. Two possible explanations are:

quality issues – check your procedures against the Minimum Quality Standards listed on the application form and on the web site. Resubmit your improved procedures as an e-mail reply to the note sent by the Safety Review Committee.

forms violation – the note will specify the problem to be fixed. Continue to monitor the status of your project until it is listed as “accepted”.

Project Withdrawn – at student or teacher’s request. Also if issues remain unresolved when the database is closed prior to the Championship.

No Show – an accepted project does not show at the Thomas Alva Edison Kiwanis RSEF.

For Safety Review Committee (SRC) concerns, please email our Regional SRC Team:
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