Student Welcome


to the Thomas A. Edison Festival of Light Regional Inventors Fair

Congratulations on being a winner! To compete in the Regional Inventors Fair is an honor that you have earned by your many hours of research and by your creative thinking skills. You have demonstrated this quality by the success of your competition at your school-based fair. This next step is another opportunity to display the enthusiasm you have for invention and creative use of technology.

A group of three friendly, knowledgeable judges will be visiting with you to learn how and why you came up with the idea for your invention. They will review the process you went through to research and develop it. They will be interested to learn about the people with whom you networked to make your invention the best it could be and if you gave credit to them in your logbook. Because of their experience, the judges may even become part of your network by offering helpful suggestions.

Questions may be asked about the steps you have taken to protect and even market your great idea. You should view these questions as opportunities to improve your project and redefine your understanding of the process of inventing.

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When the judges are visiting your project, help them with any information they need. Show your enthusiasm for your project and your pride in a job well done. Please ask questions if you do not understand what the judge is asking or if you think the judge may have information or ideas that can be useful to improving your invention.

The exhibit isles will be crowded with students and judges. Please stay by your exhibit until the group of judges completes their interview with you. Be courteous to other students being interviewed. You will have an area approximately 32 by 18 inches on a display table and the corresponding space below the table for setting up your project. Larger prototypes should be reduced in size or shown by photos or videos. No potentially hazardous materials or equipment will be permitted on the display floor. Final approval will be left up to the Fair Officials. Any questions about safety may be verified by contacting in advance.

You are welcome and encouraged to look at other projects nearby. Please do not handle any inventions without the permission of the inventor. You can learn a lot by networking with other students and may even get some ideas to improve your own project.

The Inventors Awards Program is Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 7:00PM. It takes place at the Edison Park Creative and Expressive Arts Elementary Magnet School auditorium off Euclid Ave, Ft. Myers. You are welcome to attend whether or not you receive a “Winners’ Ribbon”. The program honors ALL the participants of the Fair.

The Regional Inventors Fair is a wonderful time to take pride in displaying your inventiveness, to share your enthusiasm with others, and to learn from knowledgeable people. On behalf of all the sponsors, officials, judges and volunteers, thank you. Have a great day!

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