Regulated Research Institute Use

The student research or engineering project is conducted under the guidance of professional research staff from a Regulated Research Institution or a professional research facility, or with the advice and guidance of a paid mentor.

If you are a student headed for a Registered Research Institution (RRI) to gain valuable research experience during the summer months you may wish to consider entering your project into one of our Edison Fairs.

Here are important points to consider:

  • Make sure the PI of the lab you are working in reads the Intel ISEF Rules and Guidelines before you begin. In previous fairs, projects were deemed “fail to qualify” because the PI did not understand that SSP’s Rules are more stringent that those for NIH etc.
  • All paperwork has to be dated prior to start of experimentation so fill out the forms before you begin. Which forms are needed for your specific project may be determined by using the Wizard on the SSP web site.
  • We will accept RRI projects from students in grades 6-12 with the proviso that they were participating in an internship program or working legally at the RRI.
  • You may only present work you have done yourself for your project.
  • If you have a lab partner you may only enter a team project with another Charlotte or Lee County student.
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