How to participate in Science & Engineering Fair…


1) Choose a sponsor

Read about who can SPONSOR your project

2) Attend a Workshop (optional, but encouraged)

Check the CALENDAR in September for scheduled workshops.

3) Choose a project

There are many considerations that go into choosing your project. Review the following information before launching into your project:

Project Categories / Fields of Study Judging Criteria Review the RSEF Documentation Checklist (See below) Review the Planning & Preparation section of the website Determine whether your project requires pre-approval via ADDITIONAL PROJECT FORMS (See below)

NEED SOME INSPIRATION? Check out the Make Better Generator from Google

4) Complete and submit application and forms by DEADLINES

REQUIRED FORMS  RSEF Documentation Checklist – Form 1 – Checklist for Adult Sponsor / Safety Assessment Form – Form 1A – Student Checklist Form – RSEF Research Plan Template – Form 1B – Approval Form – Official RSEF Abstract Form

ADDITIONAL FORMS (as needed, determined by Field of Study) – Form 1C – Regulated Research Institutional / Industrial Setting Form – Form 2 – Qualified Scientist Form – Form 3 – Risk Assessment Form – Form 4 – Human Participants Form – Sample Informed Consent Statement – SSEF of Florida Verification of Informed Consent Form – Form 5 – Vertebrate Animal Form (5A and 5B) – SSEF of Florida Mortality Report – Form 6A – Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form – Form 6B – Human and Vertebrate Tissue Form – SSEF of Florida BSL-1 or BSL-2 Safety Assessment – Form 7 – Continuation Projects Form

5) Enter your School-based Science Fair

6) Most Importantly: Have fun, Stay safe, Enjoy the experience!

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