Inventors Fair Project Display “On Site” Guidelines

  1. Oversized exhibits or exhibits with large floor models are not allowed and may be penalized points or turned away. (Aisle space must not be blocked.) Smaller models, photos, illustrations or videos are suggested to promote the invention.
  2. NO live animals are allowed to be part of an invention exhibit. (Inanimate models, photos, illustrations and videos may be used.)
  3. NO liquids are allowed in exhibit on floor. Pictures or videos are suggested if a liquid is an intricate part of the invention.
  4. Electricity is not accessible. Video of product in action is recommended using portable battery operated equipment.
NOTE: Each participant will be provided a 32 inch by 18 inch display area.
A 3-section display board is recommended. The space directly
underneath the exhibit table may be used.

Recommended Display Setup


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