Hazardous Chemicals

Subject Area: Hazards

Any project involving chemicals, activities, or devices such as acids, bases, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives. Hazardous activities involve a level of risk above & beyond that encountered in the student’s everyday life.

All parties MUST assure safety of the student.

What to Do…

Review safety procedures and federal regulations associated with these types of project activities.

Have your teacher review your Research Plan BEFORE you begin any experimentation.

Have another adult who knows about hazardous activities review your project BEFORE you begin.

Gather Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all chemicals.

Key Concerns

Get APPROVAL from your teacher BEFORE you begin experimentation.

Plan your research project carefully; Identify ALL risks associated with hazardous chemicals, activities, or devices.

Get a qualified adult to supervise your project.

Keep accurate records of what you did/observe.

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