About Us

“Rich in history. Full of promise for the Future.”

Thomas Edison had foreseen the enormous potential for growth in Southwest Florida. His recognition as scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur whose famous network came to be known as the Uncommon Friends, has served our belief and mission well. Our story is still being written. We invite YOU to join with us in providing essential knowledge and life influencing opportunities to as many K-12 students as possible.

Edison Fairs roots go back to 1957 in STEM and 1987 in invention. Further expansion occurred in 2004 with the elementary science expo. Excellence is recognized with trophies, prizes, awards and scholarships.

A cornerstone of the competitions is the unswerving practice of fairness to each and every participant in the program and its competitions. Our commitment has gained the trust of numerous long-term sponsors, partners indeed, who have witnessed firsthand the impact on the many thousands of K-12 students, their families, and communities over the years. Success translates into performance in the school; success at regional, state, national, and international competitions; and accomplishments in technical programs, colleges, universities and meaningful careers.

The Edison Fairs program has grown into the largest pre-collegiate STEM and Invention programs in Southwest Florida to include three signature events: Thomas Alva Edison Kiwanis Regional Science & Engineering Fair, Thomas A. Edison Festival of Light Regional Inventors Fair, and Suncoast Credit Union Elementary Science Expo.


      • State Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) of Florida  
      • International Science and Engineering Fair (Raytheon ISEF) 
      • National Invention Convention (Henry Ford ICW) 

Edison Fairs Inc. Belief

Our Belief.  When facing a problem, you have a choice. You can walk away from it or you can roll your sleeves up and challenge yourself to do something about it. We at Edison Fairs have a proud history of promoting the latter. We believe given the right tools and opportunity, every child has the potential to enrich their creative thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make meaningful contributions to the well-being of all. 

Provide K-12 students with educational opportunities to explore their passions, pursue their dreams, and recognize their worth through programs . . . 

  •      that promote critical-thinking and creative problem-solving skills through STEM, Invention and Entrepreneurship, instilling the spirit of ingenuity today and for the rest of their lives.  
  •      that success is not possible without overcoming challenges of failure. 
  •      that each child can make the most of his or her life’s opportunities

    Edison Fairs purpose is to help each and every child explore their passions, pursue their dreams, and recognize their worth through STEM, Invention, and Entrepreneurship.

Edison Fairs Inc. Mission Statement

  •      Create a highly enriching and globally recognized World-class Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Invention, Entrepreneurial       (STEMIE) ecosystem,  
  •      Encourage participation of nonafffiliated regional school districts,                        
  •       Provide comprehensive STEMIE opportunities for every student, teacher and school system of SW Florida,
  •       Produce high quality science and inventor fairs that are a valued experience for all participants, ·maintain and expand scholarships, awards, summer research opportunities 
  •       Enrich the knowledge and relevant, hands-on experience of STEM and invention- entrepreneurism,
  •       Pursue outreach programs of underserved communities, 
  •       Establish self-sustaining funds for the operation of the fair
  •       Seek sponsorship, donation, and planned giving funds to promote the growth and impact of the program,
  •      Support workforce preparation and new business development skills.
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