Biological Agents

Subject Area: Biologicals

Any project that cultures or deals with with “disease-causing” or “potentially disease-causing” agents such as bacteria, viruses, viroids, prions, rickettsia, fungi, or parasites.

All parties MUST first assure student safety, then protect others from release of/exposure to disease.

What to Do…

Assume all microbes are potentially pathogenic.

Have your teacher review your Research Plan BEFORE you begin any experimentation.

Protect yourself by using accepted sterile technique.

Always use a science lab, NEVER culture at home.

Make sure you dispose of cultures properly.

Key Concerns

Get APPROVAL from your teacher BEFORE you begin experimentation.

Plan your research project carefully; Do library research on lab safety and sterile technique.

Get a qualified adult to supervise your project.

Know how to properly dispose your cultures.

Keep accurate records of what you did/observe.

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